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Computer Forensics can help you find information from a computer or other digital device and assist in the resolution of your case or legal situation. Our people are made up of experts, highly regarded in the field of computer forensics.

We specialize in matters of intellectual property theft, illegal Internet activity, employee compliance and policy violations in the workplace. If there is an issue that has a computer or digital device involved, we can help. We provide expert high tech investigations, litigation support and IT consulting.

We give our clients timely and professional service, while ensuring that our analysis exceeds the rules of evidence and our client's expectations. Our reports are comprehensive yet understandable.

Computers never forget - they automatically retain information such as who when and where data was last accessed and whether it has been tampered with, copied or deleted. Unfortunately, computer information is often not adequately protected and computer-related crime is rapidly growing.

The ability to discover and investigate the misuse or theft of sensitive information is becoming increasingly important if the information you store electronically is to remain intact and more importantly within your control.

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Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is a branch of digital forensic science pertaining to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media.

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Corporation agencies have to seriously consider the role cell phones and mobile devices play...

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I had the distinct pleasure of working closely with you on two recent very intensive (Private and Confidential) investigations and found....

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